About Drogheda Rotary Club

Drogheda Rotary Club has been serving the people of Drogheda for 73 years.  Karl Allen currently holds the office of president and is a granson of founder member WK Allen.

The club meets every Monday at 1pm in the Westcourt Hotel where the business of the week is discussed over  a lunch meeting.  Currently there are 3O members in the club

We invite you to read our posts  and hope that it will provide you with an understanding of what we do as a Rotary Club.

Almost every week we welcome guests to our meeting and we are always delighted to meet new Rotarians (and their family and other guests) and to make new friends.

So if you are in the Westcourt Hotel, West Street at 1pm on a Monday, do join us for lunch and I can assure you of good fellowship and a really warm Irish welcome.

Join The Rotary club of Drogheda which is part of Rotary International which has more than 1.2 million members in 32,000 clubs worldwide.





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